Ole Edvard Antonsen

Ole Edvard - Guest Soloist on his Father's New CD

A little pearl of an album with Odd R. Antonsen's Big Band plus an array of star soloists

Ten years ago, Ole Edvard's father, Odd R. Antonsen thought up the idea of making a CD with some of the best solists he had worked with from the 1970's up until the present day. Time passed and in the meantime many of these great soloists either died or became too old to complete the project. One of the guest soloists on this CD is Putte Wickman, a close friend and colleague of Odd. Wickman managed to record one track on the CD before died in February of 2006; the last recording Putte Wickman recorded! Other soloists include: Odd Rène Andersen (vocal), Göran Fristorp (vocal), Grethe Kausland (vocal), Yngvar Numme (vocal), Paperboys (vocal), Frode Thingnæs (trombone), Putte Wickman (clarinet), Odd R. Antonsen (clarinet), Petter Wettre (soprano saks), Ole Edvard Antonsen(flugelhorn og cornet). The CD is titled "Antonsen Big Band" and is to be released in September/October.