Ole Edvard Antonsen

Recordings through the 2002 Season

During the 2002 season Ole Edvard has recorded several contemporary pieces, and five of these are written especially for him. Theses pieces are:

Jan Van der Roost : Trumpet Concerto
with  IFiaminghi Ch.Orch. and Rudolf Werten

Helge Iberg: Dromo Dance
with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra and Terje Tønnessen - violin

Wolfgang Plagge: Sonate
with  Wolfgang Plagge - piano

Wolfgang Plagge
: Missale Nidrosienses
with Solveig Kringelborn - soprano    

Per Nørgård: It's all his fancy that
with Kasper Thårup - trombone and  Katrine Gisling - piano

Ole Schmidt: Piece Concertante (not written for Ole Edvard) 
with Kasper Thårup - trombone, Danish Radio Orchestra,  Giordano Bellincampi - conductor