Ole Edvard Antonsen

"Landscapes" - New Album Released

"Landscapes", Ole Edvard Antonsen's latest album of original material is now released and entered the VG and ITunes charts at #17 and #18 respectively! The CD's compositions are a journey through the spectrum of human emotion, through inner and outer landscapes.
The repertoire of "Landscapes", Ole Edvard Antonsen's latest release, consists solely of his own compositions conceived and developed over the last 6 years. The music first found its outlet when Antonsen began traveling with his concert project entitled "Musical Landscapes". After 250 performances around the world, including Tokyo, Leipzig, Vienna, and Washington, performing in musical formats ranging from his own quartet to full symphony orchestra; Antonsen has given birth to this magical new album.

… one of the most important things I as a musician and composer can do is to help set in motion a listener's feelings and imagination, so he or she can (internally) visualize the landscapes and atmosphere of music (with the minds eye). As such, one could say that music can often express more than words because it is less concrete, and the music speaks directly to the soul …

- Ole Edvard Antonsen

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